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How to Start a Small Business in New Jersey and Accept Credit Card Payments

Starting a new business endeavor can be an exciting experience. There are many opportunities today to start earning income independently and be your own boss. People start businesses for a multitude of reasons ranging from providing for their family to accomplishing a life goal. Either way, it is essential to understand what it takes to have a higher chance of success in this field. Unfortunately, according to, 8 out of 10 businesses fail. This statistic shows that starting a business and maintaining can be difficult. It is also important to note that most business startups take the financial capital. If you have a family to support or other responsibilities, it is imperative to budget and take this endeavor seriously. With that understanding, people must take the steps to properly start your business in New Jersey.
Step 1:
When deciding to start a business, a person must be dedicated to that goal. Individuals should create a list of product and services they are going to provide. They should have everything written out so that that they can research and understand the market. This step is essential because this is one of the reasons many businesses fail. An individual can take all the appropriate steps, but if the circumstances aren’t right, or the product isn’t in high demand, it can cause financial turmoil.
Step 2:
Getting The Proper Registration
Starting a business in New Jersey requires the proper legalities. Since businesses can vary widely depending on categories, an individual can seek more specifics at This website has a list of the possible licensing a person will need to start their business. Such licensing is required for childcare facilities, telemarketing companies, and restaurant licensing. These are the standard business licenses that are requested. It is imperative to acquire the appropriate permits and certifications. Businesses can be sued without this or not be allowed to start. Also, a business must go to the necessary New Jersey Licensing boards for their field of business. One example is the Business Action Center. This organization includes all of the regulatory guidelines for starting a business in New Jersey. An individual can choose to start their own business using their skill set as the service, but they need to have the appropriate occupational licenses, as well as business licenses to serve clients.
Step 3:
Formulating a business requires a slew of licensing agreements and improvements from the state. For instance, naming your business has certain procedures to it also. When a person creates their business and understands their vision for it, they should come up with a name. Once an individual has acquired all of the appropriate licensing and registration to start their establishment, they must get their name legalized also. The main reason that potential business owners must get the legal record for their name is for New Jersey tax purposes. All businesses must pay their taxes in the state of New Jersey. Another reason a business must legally license their name is to specify what type of company it will be. For example, a business that will be a corporation must register for an LLC or Limited Liability Company. LLC is a common form of business because of the advantages it has. The LLC most likely isn’t a name that most would want for their company, but registering for that title can help with taxes and protect an individual’s assets better. With business, there is always a risk. It is essential to get the best listening options to protect finances. There may be difficulties along the way so, if help is needed registering a business name, has a section for LLC legalities. Along with LLC, there are also other business types that a person can acquire.

  • Corporation Owning this business type can have many advantages. The owner can transfer their ownership and this may be great for those who are starting a business for their family. With a corporation label, it can be easier to raise capital but more expensive to maintain. Because of the high business title, this business is closely monitored, but could be a great business opportunity.
  • Partnership A partnership can also be great as it offers low startup costs and a wider scale of management. But it has high person liabilities, and there may be difficulty raising more capital.
  • Sole Proprietorship  This business title has low startup costs, and all of the profit goes to the owner. There are also many tax advantages for this position, but it may be difficult to raise the necessary capital.

Step 4:
Seek help. If you are unfamiliar with certain steps of starting the business, it is great to have support. There are business committees that are created to assist and market the establishment. Also, professional support may be imperative also. By seeking a lawyer, it can help make the process easier. Since this topic deals with finances, it is essential to have everything in order.
Adapting To Payment Methods
There have been advancements in the way people pay now, so creating a merchant account is necessary to make a product or service easier to obtain. This will enable you to process credit card payments, debit card, EMV, mobile payments, online payments and more. It is essential to make your product or service readily available as much as possible. Getting started accepting credit card payments is easy because merchant account providers have made it simple to set up a merchant account or online payment gateway for your small business. If you run a business online as part of an e-commerce website, this can be essential. Business owners can also set up payment methods in their store by using a mobile credit card reader on their tablet or mobile phone. Most merchant account providers have advanced credit card readers that are compatible with many mobile phones including iPhone, android, iPad and more.  PayPal is also a common type of payment method, but they offer little variety to small business owners when setting up a merchant account. Regardless, the option to pay with PayPal is very appealing to customers because it is widely used as a form of protection for shoppers on the internet. As a business owner, providing multiple payment methods will keep your customers happy increase your sales.

Heightening Your Chances Of Success

When starting out, it is essential to put yourself in a position where customers can access the product or service. With an LLC, the added difficulties of starting a business, making your product known and easy to obtain should be a priority. Marketing can take different forms, such as billboards, telemarketing, or social media. Depending on the advertising budget, a business owner should plan accordingly. It is great to combine marketing methods. Direct sales are the most effective type of commercialization, as potential clients can have answers to questions right at their door. Social media is also imperative, depending on your business type. To reach more individuals from a wider range in or outside of New Jersey also, this method can prove helpful.


Starting a business is challenging but can be rewarding. Depending on business size, an accountant can also assist with financial goals. Setting up business accounts manage and track money is also essential. It requires effort to be successful in any field, so be sure to take the necessary steps for a higher chance of achievement.

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Want Weird? Visit Jersey’s Unique Destinations

New Jersey probably brings images of the boardwalk on the shore, hot dogs, gift shops, and amusement rides, but The Garden State has more to offer visitors. There is a different side, a side that is a bit unusual and is definitely unique.

New Jersey is home to a few notable and interesting abandoned places that are worth a visit. One of which is Jungle Habitat in West Milford. Once a safari theme park in 1972, it stands empty and almost hauntingly so. The entire park remains, rides, ticket booths, and food kiosks as well as empty animal cages. Nature has begun to take the area back and plants have overgrown most of the park, but it’s not without an interesting history, and of course it has its fair share of local legend. The park was quite the popular place when it started, but soon stories and rumors took their toll. In the summer of its opening, a visiting tourist was mauled by two lions when he opened his window for a better look. He survived, but it this event would mark only the beginning of the stories about the animals that would continue. Within a year, local residents were reporting animals who had gotten out and roamed through the neighborhood. Factual reports include wolves, emus, baboons and ostriches that actually did escape the park. After its closing in 1976, the park still churns out the occasional rumor as the cause of kangaroos, monkeys, and “hell hounds” running loose.

The Blue Hole is a famous site in New Jersey. Set in the beautiful Pine Barrens of Winslow is a small but quite famous body of water that is said to not only be a frequent stop for the infamous Jersey Devil but it is also said to also be bottomless. The quaint little pool is the home of mysterious whirlpools which have sucked swimmers down. While some have managed to escape, not all were so lucky. Unlike most water in the state which is murky due to iron, tannic acid, and suspended sediment, the Blue Hole is perfectly clear and is almost a perfect circle in shape, giving rise to rumors that it was created by a meteor.

The grave of Mary Ellis might be one of the most unique grave sites in America. Mary met and fell in love with a sea captain in the 1790’s. The captain sailed off one mooring and promised Mary they would be wed upon his return. Each day, Mary rode down to the river banks to look for her captain. In 1813 Mary purchased land along the river and spent the next 14 years watching and waiting for his return until she passed away in 1828. She was buried on her property along the river. Through the last almost two centuries the land has been bought and sold a few times. It has been home to strip malls, discount outlets, flea markets, and most recently a Cineplex. Mary’s grave remains in the middle of the parking lot set four feet high in a raised section. Visitors of the Cineplex simply park near and around her.

For around ninety years the SS Atlantus, once a concrete ship, has sat off the coast of Cape May. This is basically a giant monument to ideas gone wrong in the times of yore. Near the end of WWI, steel was hard to come by and alternatives had to be used to create ships to bring supplies and troops back and forth. Under President Wilson, a study was implemented on the probability of building ships from concrete. In 1918 the SS Atlantus was the first to be built at a whopping 3,000 tons and 250 feet long. Seamen who served on the ship nicknamed it a floating tombstone. Due to the end of the war, no others were made and the SS Atlantus never got to reach its full potential. In 1926 Colonel Desse Rosenfeld longed to create a ferry service between Cape May and Lewes, DE. Before SS Atlantus could make her first run, she broke free of moorings and ran aground where she still sits today. Numerous tries were made to bring her back but in 1937 the hull ripped open. In 1961 she split in half, and the stern sank. Today, half the ship still sits right off shore in Cape May Point, and this historical experiment is definitely worth a look.

With a state this old, finding unique and interesting history is not difficult at all. Many interesting sites await those willing to travel off the beaten path.


Weekend Getaways in the Garden State

New Jersey, nicknamed the Garden State, is well-known for its scenic attractions and coastal landscape. The northeastern state might be compact, but that is also one of its selling points. Due to the small-scale size of the state, many of its attractions can be viewed over a long weekend getaway in the Garden State or perhaps a week-long vacation.

The East Coast gem also offers many historic scenic spots and aesthetic wonders including oceanfront views, rustic farms, and mountain settings. New Jersey has destination spots for couples looking for a romantic weekend getaway or families seeking a fun and action-filled group vacation. Some of these destination spots include the Jersey Shore, which has been made famous by reality TV enthusiasts, the beautiful mountains of Northwest NJ, impressive aesthetics of Western NJ, the fun-filled, action-packed gaming capital of Atlantic City, New Jersey, as well as many other attractions for visitors.

One popular spot for weekend getaways in the Garden State includes the seaside destination of Cape May. Cape May is widely known as a summer resort, but many people may be unaware that the fall season is also very popular with tourists, due to its many theme weekends and the water being warm enough for beachgoers. However, even if the beach is not your scene, there are many activities to keep visitors entertained and occupied until New Year’s Day. This quaint East Coast tourist town features tree-lined and gas lamp-lit streets, antique shops, authentic Victorian homes, and Bed and Breakfasts. In fact, it possesses one of the largest collection of authentic Victorian homes in the nation.

Clinton, New Jersey is nestled in the hills of the state. It is a small American town that is known for its scenic and historic beauty. In fact, Clinton has attracted many movie makers, photographers, and visitors over the years. Another attraction offered by this town is a river with a 200-foot wide waterfall that extends through it and is lined with old grist mills. Thus, its rustic charm and aesthetic beauty makes it one of the best weekend getaways in New Jersey.

On the other hand, Frenchtown, NJ is a little-known gem that is attracting visitors with its many aesthetic offerings. From a cultural standpoint, its many three story multi-colored Victorian homes, art galleries, antique shops, clothing boutiques, and restaurants make it a standout selection as one of the best weekend getaways.

Atlantic City is a well-known resort city in Atlantic County, New Jersey. It is known for its casinos, boardwalk, and beach. As of 2010, its population was nearly 40,000, a number which might surprise many visitors. In recent years, Atlantic City has declined in terms of its legalized gambling and tourism, due to competition from casinos and other gaming sites in neighboring states, as well as the growth of Las Vegas, Nevada. However, it is still considered the “Las Vegas of the East Coast” and remains a popular getaway spot.


Black Friday Preparedness Tips

For many years, Black Friday has been the day where shoppers will head out to stores to find the best deals on electrics, clothing and a whole range of other products. However, stores are changing the way that they approach Black Friday sales which has an impact on the behavior of shoppers. More and more stores are now starting their sales on Thanksgiving and extending them over the whole weekend.

Some people have accused the stores themselves of trying to cash in on the holiday by opening for an extended period, but the reply from the stores is that they are simply giving their customers what they want. When it comes to clothing, electronics and everything else on sale, it can be difficult to get it all in one day. This new trend is likely to see stores offering bigger discounts on their items on Thanksgiving, rather than waiting for the traditional Black Friday sales. There are some things that you can do to ensure that you make the most of the sales, whichever day they start on.

Prioritize What You Want To Buy
If you have things that you want to buy from different stores, then you may have to make a choice about which item you want the most. If you have seen a very good offer, then these items are likely to sell out very quickly. When you have decided which item you are going for, try to arrive at the store as easily as you can.

Dress Comfortably
You will be on your feet for most of the day, so comfortable shoes are a necessity. It can also help if you wear loose clothing as this will prevent you from overheating, as you are likely to find it quite warm in most stores. Don’t take big coats as if you do end up becoming too warm, you will just have to carry it around with you all day.

Don’t Drink Too Much
The chances are that you are going to be spending a lot of time in lines no matter which stores you visit, so you don’t want to drink so much that you will have to be constantly visiting the bathroom. On the other hand, you can become dehydrated fairly quickly if you are rushing about all day, so you will need to try and find the right balance. Try and plan your toilet breaks into the day as much as you are able.

Go With A Friend
If there are two or more of you on a shopping trip, then you will definitely be able to get more done. You can cover larger areas of the same store, or even have different people cover a number of different stores. Having more than one person also means that someone is able to join the checkout line if it is very long while the others can have a look around the store.

Both Premium Outlets and Tanger Outlets in New Jersey both have big sales planned for Black Friday, and these are both great locations to try and grab a bargain. By following the advice above, and making sure that you are prepared, you can really make the most of the Thanksgiving holiday sales.

Montclair Tree Lighting

Christmas in New Jersey: 2015

Christmas in New Jersey is indeed a majestic time. The beginning of December is an amazing and wonderful season to begin to experience the holidays and festivities with family, relatives and friends. Many programs and events are marked the calendar to begin as early as the day right after Thanksgiving. You can enjoy things from hearing Christmas carols, Christmas tree lighting events, fairs, tours, Christmas plays, Christmas choirs and parades.

The Swedish Christmas Fair takes place on November 22, 2015 from 10 am to 4 pm at the Commonwealth Club which is located at 26 Northview Avenue in Upper Montclair, New Jersey. This is a Swedish holiday celebration that presents to attendees a fine array of crafts, food, and gifts. There are handmade Swedish Christmas decorations, special linens and even a great assortment of Swedish cheeses and so much more. The café hosts lovely Swedish sandwiches, Swedish pastries and other wonderful things in abundance, including many great Swedish-influenced beverages. The Lucia pageant and those singing in the choir are sure to please attendees with a great commencement to the holiday season.

The Festival of Trees will be hosted from November 27 to December 6, 2015 from 10 am to 4 pm at Red Mill Museum Village in Clinton, New Jersey where attendees will be offered hot cider and will enjoy lights, music, a vast assortment of ornaments and many lovely decorated Christmas trees and wreathes.

The Ballantine House Holiday Celebration is an amazing free family event that takes place from November 27 through December 31, 2015 at the Newark Museum which is located at 49 Washington Street in Newark, New Jersey. This celebration offers wonderful tours of the Ballantine House that showcases its decorations for the holidays. Also there are programs for all ages which honor Christmas traditions from around the globe by way of performances, tours, hands-on workshops and more.

The Holiday Event at Glenmount takes you back to an old fashioned Christmas with Thomas Edison and his family as they celebrated it many years ago. This even takes place from November 27, 2015 until January 10, 2016, every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11:30 am until 3:330 pm at Thomas Edison National Park. Tickets are limited and are given out on a first come first served basis, so please arrive at a decent time to partake of all the great events. Note that tickets are given out at the Main Factory Building located at 211 Main Street in West Orange, New Jersey. For more information, you may call 1-973-916-0050.

The 14th Annual Wallington Fire Department Holiday Parade will be featured on Saturday, November 26, 2015 beginning at 6 pm and ending around 10 pm. It commences at Mount Pleasant Avenue and Roehrs Drive and will end by the Veterans Monument in Wallington, New Jersey. This is the most extensive night-time parade of fire trucks and floats that show off their decorations and bright lights. More than one hundred fire companies participate, with the inclusion of more than two hundred and fifty fire trucks, vehicles and floats. Truly this event is sure to please many.


Take Part in New Jersey’s Lighthouse Challenge

It may be getting colder outside, but there are plenty of ways to stay active and tour New Jersey during the fall season. There is more to the Garden State than the Jersey Shore, but New Jersey does happen to have a rich nautical history. The New Jersey Lighthouses and select museums host a tour of the state’s historical landmarks each October, encouraging residents and visitors to explore the state visit each lighthouse over the weekend which can help raise the funds necessary to maintain and preserve these historical facets of New Jersey history.

You can choose to visit these sites whenever you wish, but if you take on the Lighthouse Challenge, then you will be visiting all 11 of New Jersey’s preserved lighthouses in an entire weekend! The goal is to visit, and maybe even climb, each of these 11 lighthouses where you will earn a souvenir at each one, which really begs you to collect them all. Some lighthouses have museums, too, and here you and your family can step back in time and learn all about America’s maritime history. If you want to plan accordingly and hit each one of the lighthouses in the Garden State in your weekend time frame, then you may want to start up North and go around the tip of the Delaware River, or the other way around of course.

Each lighthouse is unique. Absecon is the tallest in the state, boasting stunning views of the Atlantic City skyline. Also known as “Beaming Barney” you can get a good view of Barnegat Bay and Long Beach Island. Absecon also features its own separate museum and a one room school house for visitors to see and experience as well. The Cape May Lighthouse offers tourists beautiful views of the Atlantic and the Delaware River, and even the remote East Point Lighthouse is worth seeing. If you want to see the oldest lighthouse, both in the state as well as the country, then you won’t want to miss Sandy Hook that was first lit in 1764 when New Jersey was still one of the colonies.

Every location is worth seeing. Each one of New Jersey’s lighthouses boasts its own unique history, design and views for visitors to explore and enjoy. Each lighthouse has different hours, though, so make sure you check each of their sites and plan ahead before heading out. There are even a few lighthouses, such as Absecon, Cape May, Tinicum, and Tuckerton, that will be offering night climbs for visitors as well.